Max Gummies Delta 8 Vitality (4 types)


All-natural, low sugar, gluten-free, vegan gummies with Omega 3 and 25mg Delta 8 per gummy.


Max Gummies™ Delta 8 Vitality Gummies are an all-natural, low sugar, gluten-free, vegan product that contains Omega 3 and 25mg Delta 8 per gummy.

Max Delta 8 Vitality come in four types: Sour Apple, Strawberry with CBG for Pain Relief, Blue Raspberry with Melatonin for Sleep and Mango with Caffeine for Energy.

Each pack is a jumbo pack containing 20 gummies. is the official site for Max Gummies™ products.

Information about delta-8 THC

Delta-8 THC is a lesser-known cannabinoid that is found in smaller amounts in the cannabis plant. It is thought to have some of the same medical benefits as delta-9 THC, the more well-known cannabinoid, but with less psychoactive effects. Some people claim that delta-8 THC can help with anxiety, pain, and appetite loss. However, there is currently limited scientific research on the effects and potential benefits of delta 8 THC, and more research is needed to fully understand its potential therapeutic uses. Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive substance and can produce effects similar to those of delta-9 THC, including feelings of euphoria and relaxation, as well as potential adverse effects such as paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness. As with any psychoactive substance, it is important to use caution and to consult a healthcare professional before using delta 8 THC.


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Blue Raspberry (sleep), Mango (energy), Sour Apple, Strawberry (w/CBG for Pain)


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