Ultra Gummies



Ultra Gummies™ is the brand and this our original product.

Ultra Gummies come in NINE different flavors. You can select Blueberry, Lime, Mango, Mango 50 Blast, Peach, Raspberry, Sour Apple Boost, Sour Cherry, Watermelon and the new Strawberry 50 BLAST.

The Sour Apple Boost potency is equivalent to 1.33 of the regular gummies.

The Cold-Water Hash potency is equivalent to 3 of the regular gummies.

The Mango 50 BLAST and Strawberry 50 BLAST potency is equivalent to 5 of the regular gummies.

All flavors come 10 gummies per pack.

Ultra Gummies makes no claims regarding any specific cannabinoid content in this product.


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Strawberry 50 BLAST, Tropical Fruit Cold-Water Hash 3X, Blueberry (for sleep, indica), Lime (hybrid), Magical Mango (sativa, vegan), Mango 50 BLAST, Peach (hybrid), Raspberry (hybrid), Sour Apple Boost (hybrid), Sour Cherry (for sleep, indica, vegan), Watermelon (hybrid), Pineapple


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